Cosme Restaurant – My Review (Video)

We finally got a reservation at Enrique Olvera’s buzzy new contemporary Mexican spot, Cosme.  We had dinner there last Sunday night. Beautiful restaurant – very Alinea-like in decor and in approach to food.  Amongst the 5 of us we sampled half of the menu (duck carnitas, uni, scallop, cobia, burrata, lobster).  Anyone interested in new culinary developments needs to check out Cosme.  That said, there were only two highlights for me: the anti-histamine cocktail and the husk meringue dessert – both beyond fabulous!!!

I would come back to Cosme if I was in the neighborhood or if friends wanted to check it out. I would definitely sidle up to the bar, however, and forget the reservations ordeal.

Cosme won’t become one of my go-to restaurants because although it is an exquisite space and the staff is wonderful, the vibe is too stern – there’s nothing warm and comforting about the restaurant.


The antihistamine


The husk meringue


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