Countdown to 2016, Prediction #3: Restaurants at a Tipping Point (Pun Intended)

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This is #3 of my top 5 predictions for 2016. The prediction posts started December 27th and will be wrapping up on December 31st. #5DaysOfTrends

This year I am planning to curtail my dining out. Why?  Because restaurants have gotten outrageously expensive (and yes, I do understand that restaurant overhead is exorbitant). However, the anticipated 25% increase in menu prices, as more restaurateurs follow Danny Meyer’s no-tipping lead, is a big adjustment for those of us not on an expense account. Bottom line: for every amazing restaurant I discover, there are 10 that I will never go back to – not that they’re terrible, just mediocre. So my plan is to cut back on one restaurant a week – thereby saving myself minimally $100 each time. That said, I am such a restaurant freak, I’m not confident I can stick to this plan – but it is my intent!


Read on below for more of my restaurant and food trends: what we’ll see more and less of as we head into 2016:

More vegetable-forward restaurants – huge trend around the country. Driven by both our desire to eat healthier and the restaurant’s need to curtail food costs (grains and beets are way less expensive than meat and fish).

Here are 5 restaurants on my must-try list in NYC that are on the forefront of this trend: Dimes, Superiority Burger, Avant Garden, by Chloe, Semilla.


Upper Left: Semilla, Bottom: Avant Garden



More substantial portions vs. the itsy bitsy servings currently in vogue (e.g. I love the portions at Carbone!)


More food halls – still popping up nationwide but may be on the verge of peaking. My three favorites in NYC are UrbanSpace Vanderbilt,  Hudson Eats and the granddaddy of them all, The Plaza Food Hall.  AND I am really looking forward to Anthony Bourdain’s Market. It will be the biggest and baddest of them all at 155,000 sq. ft on Pier 57 in Chelsea (the same building that Google just signed on for as an anchor tenant!). Bourdain’s will have butchers, bakers, vegetable stands, restaurants and street food carts and will be open very late like an Asian night market. Unfortunately, it’s not scheduled to open for at least 2 years.



Juice bars are dunzo (e.g. Organic Avenue). It’s too expensive, very caloric and not very tasty. Some are predicting that bone broth is the next juice – I’m not buying that!!


More dinner parties and home cooking. I love entertaining at home and am one of only a handful of people I know who frequently organize dinner parties. However, since I also adore going out to eat, this is a really tough call for me. BUT, having spent over $15,000 on restaurant meals this past year, I am inspired to rein it in for 2016.  Especially when I hear that food-away-from-home inflation is 9x that for food-at-home so definitely pays to become reacquainted with my kitchen.

dinner parties

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