Countdown to 2016, Prediction #5: Tech continues to make our lives easier, better, and way more fun…


This is #5 – the last of my top 5 predictions for 2016. I’ve really enjoyed pulling my thoughts together on what the dominant themes for next year will be – and thank you all for your great feedback and responses. Very much appreciate your emails and comments on the trends. #5DaysOfTrends


When it comes to tech I always keep this Bill Gates quote in mind:

We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.


And on that note, read on below for all the tech I am personally looking forward to seeing more of in the coming year.   

Getting my iPhone 6 Plus – with its much better camera, I would have preferred to buy it prior to my big trip. BUT Apple and the wireless carriers had such complicated plans (locked/unlocked, upgrading, storage, carrier financing) that I held off. Very un-Apple-like to make something that should be simple so convoluted.




More “anticipatory design” and “cognitive computing on all the apps/sites I use. For example,  I LOVE the fact that google links up my calendar/maps/search items – and tells me how long it will take me to get to dinner. Some people are in a tizzy about privacy, my pet peeve is when apps don’t connect the dots in my life!!  I was first introduced to the concept of anticipatory design by Sophie Kleiber of Huge at a tech conference earlier this year and it blew my mind.





Wi-fi everywhere (e.g.on the  subway). AND I am desperate for really good internet service at home (I pay $200 a month to Time Warner for business class internet and it still sucks!!). I had Verizon Fios when I lived in Long Island City and it was amazing!!




Booking apps – why can’t all the services I routinely make appointments with (e.g. doctors, hairdressers, plumbers) let me book thru one of these apps vs. having to call? Why this is not the norm in this day and age is beyond me!!




The last of my “analog” boomer friends go digital: I am hoping this is the year that the tech laggards in my life will sign up for online banking, amazon prime, and online newspaper subscriptions vs. deliveries.  Additionally, time to start texting (instead of calling) and get rid of the landlines (and time for Time Warner to stop trying to include landlines in their internet or cable bundles – it’s 2016 people!!).




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