CREATIVE TRENDS: A Look Into The Future (and the Past!)

Having just come back from a fantastic trend day with one of my clients, I have been thinking about what makes large meetings productive (or not). In this instance, the meeting rooms’ creative layouts and overall vibe, made for a perfect  interactive and experiential day. You wanted to be there and you felt safe offering your opinions.

Recent studies on Meeting Rooms of the Future show that people are at their most creative and productive when the venues offer experience creation, tasty food and, of course, internet access– the #1 priority!

See more details from the IACC study here including ideal room layouts. Unfortunately, you have to provide your contact info to get the free report.

And still very much on the topic of creativity, Shutterstock just released their 2017 Creative Trends Report. Always spot on, it identifies creative direction and design aesthetics across images, videos, and music. This is one of my favorite global trend reports each year. Easy to skim thru and super informative. This year’s predictions showcase a stark contrast – between the real world and the digital world, between nature and technology, and between the past and the future.

Here are a few highlights:

    • White Texture: up 482% from the previous year. Adding a 3D feel, this trend can be sharp, intricate, or reflect the patterns found in nature.
    • Cybersecurity: up 363%. Growing concerns about the safety of our memories and personal details.
    • Emojis: up 328%. A global form of communication, emojis transcend language.
    • Nostalgia: up 213%. Rework the iconography of past decades with crazy patterns, vintage charm and childhood favorites.
    • Halftone: up 225%. Evoking newsprint, analog TV, and pop art, the beauty of halftone lies in its imperfection.

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