Culture Shift Is IN, Trends Are OUT.


UPDATE: The Opinionator will be on hiatus over the next month due to my travel schedule. There will be some intermittent posts, but I  will not be back to my daily routine until late August. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram: link here.


Having made a career out of tracking trends, it’s odd (I know) to be pooh-poohing the very concept I spent years developing. But hear me out.

Over the last year, numerous trend consultancies have folded. That awesome thing called the Internet, along with Google, has given clients the tools they need to take their trends work in-house.

In the meanwhile, the word “trend(s)” itself feels outdated to me. However, there’s something about “culture/cultural shift” that resonates and sounds more contemporary and relevant.

In reviewing my writing over the last several years, I still use “trend” (605 posts), but culture shift is on the ascendancy with 67 posts. And I am not the only one switching out “trends” for culture shift.

Business Insider recently ran a UBS research note that stated:

  • Nordstrom is suffering from a “cultural shift” of shoppers opting for low prices over quality.

Based on my experience, “trends” is more surface and increasingly used interchangeably with “trendy.” As such it has come to be associated with fast-moving, faddish developments e.g., Keto is the latest diet trend/fad or Virgil Abloh’s “Off/White” is the latest fashion brand having a trendy moment.

Culture shift, on the other hand, leads to more in-depth, far-reaching explorations of fundamental changes in behaviors, beliefs, and lifestyles.


Bottom Line.

As I travel around the country over the next month, I’m excited to experience culture shift in action in seven different states/cities (many for the first time). I will have lots to report along the way and will be back to my daily writing schedule as of August 26.

Here’s to a beautiful summer!!


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