Peter Brant hosts Dan Colen Show at former home/studio of Walter De Maria-ABSOLUTE MUST-SEE!


Dan Colen installation and paintings

421 East 6th Street (between 1st Avenue and Avenue A)

This is HUGE!  Dan Colen’s work is definitely MORE than it appears at first sight – bottles are all hand-blown and cigarette butts are hand painted and I really love the stud paintings but the star of this exhibition is clearly the space itself.  Walter De Maria bought this former Con Ed electrical substation in 1980.  It’s a phenomenal space and of course knowing some of the history makes it so much more fascinating.  The only domestic things in the whole building are the stove and the unenclosed toilets – really let’s you imagine how Walter de Maria lived and worked here.   The show is only up until December 21st,from 10:30am to 6pm daily- and this will be your only chance to see the original art studio before Peter Brant starts converting it to his new art center.  More photos below the break and here’s the Gagosian Press Release.


Bottles, cigarettes on table, paintings




Bottles and cigarette sculptures along with stud painting (made collaboratively with 3 other artists)


Drunk “Scooby Doo” sculpture




The electrical substation

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