Dead Rabbit: What happened to this place?

2 Stars

Onsite paging at Dead Rabbit

First checked out Dead Rabbit in 2013 shortly after it opened and very much liked it. Great cocktails, really chill vibe, great in-the-know staff. It is very out of the way for me, so hadn’t been back in a while.  However, having recently been named the world’s best bar at Tales of the Cocktail, a repeat visit was in order. A group of us dropped by early on the Friday of Labor Day Weekend for oysters and cocktails.

WOW!! To say I was appalled by the paging system, is an understatement. When I visit Panera on my annual trip to the Midwest or grab a bite at Shake Shack, the pager is fine but when I go to the best bar in the world, it’s just plain tacky. Horrible.  Do not come here unless your idea of a good cocktail bar is Applebee’s or TGIFriday’s. Dead Rabbit is dead to me.

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