Dead Rabbit: What happened to this place?


Onsite paging at Dead Rabbit

First checked out Dead Rabbit in 2013 shortly after it opened and very much liked it. Great cocktails, really chill vibe, great in-the-know staff. It is very out of the way for me, so hadn’t been back in a while.  However, having recently been named the world’s best bar at Tales of the Cocktail, a repeat visit was in order. A group of us dropped by early on the Friday of Labor Day Weekend for oysters and cocktails.

WOW!! To say I was appalled by the paging system, is an understatement. When I visit Panera on my annual trip to the Midwest or grab a bite at Shake Shack, the pager is fine but when I go to the best bar in the world, it’s just plain tacky. Horrible.  Do not come here unless your idea of a good cocktail bar is Applebee’s or TGIFriday’s. Dead Rabbit is dead to me.

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