Decluttering? Gazelle is an amazingly easy way to get cash for your old tech gadgets


Summer’s over and the new iPhone is coming out so I was inspired to do a bit of decluttering. Got rid of my old i-Pad ($100) and my really old iPod Classic ($40). Have used Gazelle several times previously – always easy, no hassle, totally reliable. And they come thru quickly with payment. I elected to be paid though my Amazon account which makes it even more efficient and you get an additional 5%.

For those of you who haven’t used the service before, I highly recommend. It’s all done online, they provide an immediate estimate and give you choices for how you want to be paid as well as how you want to ship your items. A few days later you get shipping boxes in the mail and as soon as they receive your gadget and it checks out, you get paid.

See below for more pics of the process.



I elected to use USPS so got boxes in the mail – the big box for the ipad, the small one for the ipod


direction and labels inside as well as protective packaging


very specific directions


my ipad – note they ask you have the item charged when you ship which then makes checking the item at their end faster and you will get paid more quickly


Bye iPad


Their mailing label fits precisely over the label they used to ship to you


my payment with my 5% bonus for using amazon


Sealing labels


My ipod – served me so well!!


And now I’m off to the post office. note you can also use ups.

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