Do Facebook Ads Work? I Finally Bought Something – After 9 Years!


I’ve always wondered who watches, or reads, ads on FB. And now I know. I do. It only took 9 years for the algorithm to get it right.

  • What I bought – and also had another friend buy – were tickets to the Westfield Mall/Oculus show of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.
  • Their post on FB hooked me by mentioning that this was a full-size reproduction of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling paintings using state-of-the-art technology. Also, it is an exclusive tour running for one month only. It opened last Friday, June 23rd.
  • But it makes me wonder if this is the success rate of most other brands – and if the conversion rate is similar on other platforms.
  • Which brings me to Snapchat where I find the ads to be much more engaging and interactive e.g. I loved the recent L’Oreal Colorista Filter (below). It made me check out the brand and repost on other platforms. And I still want to know: How do they do this? So brilliant!
  • Snapchat may currently be in its “trough of disappointment” phase but it is still one of the most consistently creative brands out there. Here’s hoping they survive the FB/Instagram onslaught.

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