Donald Judd Interviews: Blunt, Scathing And Brilliant!

This was the first Marathon Reading Program I’ve ever attended. It was fantastic. Seven interviews spanning four decades and a diverse range of critical voices. When Fran Lebowitz came to the mike to do the seventh (and last) reading, I was shocked to realize three hours had flown by.

Donald Judd has been one of my favorite artists for years. I’ve made the pilgrimage to Marfa to his Chinati Foundation (mindblowing) and have also taken the Judd Foundation tour of his former home and studio in Soho (a must-see if in NYC, book online).

I also discovered, belatedly, that there is a documentary film that was shown Friday night in conjunction with the reading. I believe it was The Artist’s Studio: Donald Judd by Michael Blackwood Productions which is available on Amazon, Roku, and Apple TV. It’s about 30 minutes long and an absolute must-see if Judd is of interest to you. Trailer below.

Scroll down for more on the reading and the participants. PLUS trailer for the Judd documentary.
The reading was utterly engrossing

Upon arriving at the Judd Foundation on Saturday, I settled into a chair at the back of the room to ensure I could make a discreet exit should I find it boring.

However, no sooner had the first reading started then all I could think about was how I could wheedle my way to the front row. Total surprise. It was so fascinating and so compelling, I wanted to make sure I did not miss a single word that this outspoken, genius of a man had ever uttered.

I’m optimistic, as the publication date nears, there might be repeat performances of this reading (perhaps even around the country).

The Marathon kicked off with a 1966 interview between Judd, his friend Frank Stella and Stella’s then-wife, art historian Barbara Rose.
From Left: Andrew Durbin (Frieze) as Frank Stella, Josh Franco (Smithsonian) as Judd, Barbara London, curator/writer as Barbara Rose
“A Painter interviews a sculptor (on painting) an interview between Judd and painter, Jo Baer 1966
Left: Flavin Judd (Donald Judd’s son) and art dealer, Josh Baer (son of Jo Baer)
Don Judd: An Interview with John Coplans 1971
From Left: Lucy Gallun, Curator MoMA as Coplans and Tamar Margalit, Curator MoMA currently working on Judd Retrospective as Judd
1976 interview by Phyllis Tuchman. And this is the very same Phyllis Tuchman reading as herself and her editor, Andrew Russeth, reading as Judd.
Phyllis Tuchman, author of the Rise of Minimalism and Andrew Russeth (executive editor ARTnews) as Judd
“Interview with Donald Judd” by Paul Taylor, 1986
Juliana Steiner (independent curator) as Paul Taylor and William J. Simmons (Provost Fellow USC) as Judd
“Art, War, and Money: art hero Donald Judd on the powerlessness of art and the power of the powerful” – Interview with Georg Schoellhammer
From left: Sally Tallant, Exec. Director Queens Museum as Schollhammer and Lynn Xu, Asst. Prof. Writing at Columbia as Judd
“Donald Judd: Inside the studio” 1993
Fran Lebowitz, reading as Judd, wraps it up for the day!
Bottom Line.

Thank you to David Zwirner Books, Independent Curators International, Judd Foundation and all the readers for a fantastic experience – lots of learning and lots of fun!

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