Drink Up: Emojis and Location Intelligence Reveal All


Not sure why, but I seem to be drinking less these days – fewer cocktails, and even a tad less wine.

But before you freak out that I’m becoming a teetotaler, I do still love my wine and my brown spirits and smoky mezcals. And apparently I’m not the only one who is shaking up their drinking habits a bit.

Check out this great emoji research from VINEPAIR which indicates how usage is changing based on the kind of emojis people are using in social media, texts etc.

  • There are nine common alcohol emojis but only 2 are showing sustained growth
  • The whiskey emoji which came out in December 2016, is on track to become the most popular emoji ever, it’s already more popular than beer.
  • The wine emoji is also becoming increasingly popular and is gaining on beer as well (although beer is still the most consumed beverage in the United States). The times they are a changin’.
  • The emoji showing the biggest downturn is the tiki glass. It peaked in 2015 and has been on a downswing ever since.

Read on below for highlights from Foursquare’s excellent report on alcohol consumption trends. The You Are What (and Where) You Drink Report is based on where millions of us have checked in throughout 2016.

Key takeaways from the Foursquare report:

  • 2016 was the year of BYOB
  • Visits to liquor stores grew 20% while visits to bars increased by only 2%
  • February was the slowest month for liquor stores and nightlife spots — foot traffic decreased by -18% and -15%, respectively
  • July is the busiest month for nightlife — traffic increased +10%.
  • Mezcal fans are young urban professionals checking-in at ad agencies, co-working spaces, Chipotle, W Hotels and indie movie theaters
  • Tequila fans are especially value-savvy, they’re checking in at t-mobile stores, basketball courts, Family Dollar stores and TGI Fridays
  • Millennials are replacing some on-premise bar visits with time spent traveling, exercising or indulging in other hobbies.
  • Male millennials opt for more outdoor activities e.g. ski lodges (+209%) , rock climbing gyms (+105%), music festivals (+40%), soccer fields (+30%)
  • Female millennials are fueling health and art cravings with: juice bars (+13%), boxing gyms (+60%), museums (+23%)

Here’s the link to the full report:  Foursquare_Location_based_Insights_for_Alcohol_Consumer_Trends_2017

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