Dry January Is Over. At Last! And A Great Red Awaits!

Not only did Dry January seem to be interminable this year, January felt like the longest month ever (so much drama!). But, February is finally here and I am so looking forward to kicking it off with a glass of red wine (perhaps two) at dinner tonight. Rodrigo and Elliott, I cannot wait to see you guys!

So what was my Dry January like this year?
  1. I’m healthier. I slept better, loved waking up hangover-free, and my osteoarthritis once again feels way better without the inflammation that alcohol exacerbates.
  2. I lost some weight. Down 2lbs from January 1st.
  3. Saved a ton of money. Drinking runs up quite a tab. My dinners out cost about half, or sometimes a third, of what my drinking friends were paying.
  4. Dry January has gotten way more popular. Mintel’s research confirms my observations. Between 2015 and 2019, mentions of Dry January on social media increased by 1083%.
  5. Dry January” the way I pronounce it, apparently sounds like “dry gin.” So weird but at three different restaurants, when I said I was not drinking because I was doing “Dry January,” servers came back to me with inquiries about what kind of dry gin I wanted and one said they didn’t have the dry Tanqueray I had ordered! 😜

Bottom Line.

Equal parts happy that I successfully completed my second Dry January and just happy that it’s over.

Last year, was a major game changer for me. I’m not sure if I’ll see such a dramatic post-January shift this year.

But I am proud of myself for making the commitment and sticking with it.


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