DRYBAR: Perfection On Every Level Lured Me From My Frugal Ways


As someone who has been getting a blowdry twice a week for the last 20 years (albeit at a tiny hole in the wall salon in Chinatown run by two sisters), I clearly know how important a well-coiffed head of hair is to feeling confident.

I have also been a fan, in principal, of the Drybar chain ever since it started popping up all over the country. However, I was never tempted to step out on my two sisters because Drybars were not located in my part of town and I also considered them too expensive.

But now everything has changed. The sisters are on a 2 week vacation and I discovered that Drybar just opened on Ludlow Street right by Ludlow House.

It’s pricey compared to what I pay at my Chinatown place ($55 with tip vs. $15 with tip in Chinatown) BUT it is so amazing. My hair has never looked better so I may have to bite the bullet and add Drybar to my weekly expenses. Because I am so frugal, I will probably only go once a week while keeping Chinatown in rotation as well.

Here’s why Drybar has edged onto my Top 10 Products/Services list:

Location: literally 2 blocks from where I work and a mere 10 minute walk from my home

Hours: Opens at 7am – not that I need that, except when I travel, the rest of the time getting a 9am appointment is perfect

Stylists: I have been to two different ones at the Ludlow Street location and they have both been trained exceptionally well.

Signature Products: They use 2 different products on my hair (the Chaser and Hot Toddy). The feel and appearance of my hair has never been better.

Booking Appointments Online: So efficient and so easy.

For those of you not in the loop as to what Drybar is about, read on below for a little background on the concept and its founder, Alli Webb.

Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, is on track to bring in over $100 million in sales in 2017. She’s a hairdresser herself (and a curly-haired one at that), so she saw serious demand in the market for a service that simplified and democratized the blowdry.


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