Eddie Huang for Scion is brilliant: history was made, knowledge was dropped!

Eddie Huang has been BUSY.  I covered his collaboration for The Sprite Corner a few months ago.  BUT, that was nothing compared to this new digital campaign he is doing with Scion. I LOVE this video – you MUST watch it. It’s hysterically funny with a really authentic vibe and you learn a lot about the Scion. Plus there are more than a few celebs in it (Cam’ron, Vince Staples, Steve Lee, Prince Paul). It’s brilliant!!

Read more below on Scion’s digital influencer campaign.

Scion’s digital influencer campaign involves five partners, each of whom is creating videos showing how Scion helps them do their lives.  Besides Huang, the program includes Joey Bada$$; Skybound; professional skate team Baker Skateboards founded by Andrew Reynolds; Stampd, named GQ’s “Best New Menswear Designer of 2015.”

Beyond the videos, the artists will also develop exclusive merchandise; provide concert tickets; and participate in special events. Huang made an appearance at the New York Auto Show this year on Scion’s behalf.

Scion recently parted ways with long-time agency San Francisco-based Attik (now absorbed by Dentsu). For this program, Scion reached out to Irvine, Calif.-based agency Beyond Marketing.

Doug Murtha, group VP of Scion: “We are trying to appeal to a broader audience, while also limiting the partnerships we embark on. We look for people who cross categories. Huang, for instance, is a polymath, who is in the food space, but also has rap connections, and writes for TV. He has a lot of different irons in the fire.”

The campaign for the iA and iM will expand to include TV and in-cinema ads.

Murtha points out that TV has become more important in recent years for the traditionally grass-roots-centric automaker, an effort to grow awareness. “A few years back we took stock of the brand; we were nine years in and awareness wasn’t where we wanted it to be. We haven’t stopped grass roots, but we did need to place a bigger bet in higher visibility.”

Full article from MediaPost here.

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