2018 Instagram Trends: Essentials to Get Your ‘Gram On

Photo credits: Bella Hadid (left), GaryPepperGirl (upper right), CarmenGraceHamilton (bottom row, middle), TheCatWalkItalia (lower right), Elle AU


Elle has identified 12 trends to look out for in 2018 (link here). But there are four already popping up among influencers:

  • WomanSpreading: ‘unladylike’ but super empowering
  • Hi-Lo: LOTS of this (right up your alley, Snaxtime!!)
  • Gaudy/ Opulent Interiors: More is more
  • Glitter & Sparkle: check out the Kira Kira app, makes things even sparklier

Read on below for more on how to use Instagram Stories in tandem with your feed, blog or website. Also, which filters are most popular from a study of over 40 million Instagram posts from influencer marketing company, Relatable.



If, like me, you’re confused or challenged by how you should use stories vs. feed, here are some terrific tips on when to opt for stories:

  •  Behind-the-scenes photos that correspond to a recent post on your feed
  • Videos or photos that show a personal side of your business, brand, and personality.
  • Photos or videos from a current project being highlighted within your Instagram feed.

Another tip: make sure you share content chronologically. Users expect a story to be told, so make sure that your Stories make sense with a chronological timeline.


PHOTO FILTER TRENDS (Source: Relatable/PetaPixel)

These stats are based on a study of 40 million posts from 2 million Instagram accounts (each with over 1K followers):


  • 18% of all photos use a filter (this surprises me, I would have thought it was a lot more)
  • However, 25% of selfies use a filter!
  • Clarendon is the most popular filter at 25%
  • Second place is a 3-way tie between Juno, Gingham, and Lark.
  • Least popular: Willow and Perpetua.


  • Accounts with fewer followers are more likely to use filters
  • Conversely, the more followers an account has, the less likely they are to use filters.
  • Hypothesis: a person with more followers invests more time on the content, possibly using more professional tools like Lightroom to edit photos and therefore has less need to use one of the built-in filters?
  • Professional photographers are slightly less likely to use filters: 14.6% vs. 18%
  • iPhone users are most likely to use filters (18.6%) v. Nikon (10.0%) or Canon (10.7%)

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