EVERYONE seems to be having babies these days. What’s going on?


I’ve never seen so many of my friends pregnant or newly-parented. And now, seemingly overnight, all the fashion bloggers I follow are in full-on motherhood mode too: Leandra Medine (the Man Repeller), Chiara Ferragni just to name two. And, of course, there’s always the Kardashian-Jenner clan – all pregnant, all the time.

Perfect timing therefore for the new Baby Name Predictions from the U.K.’s ChannelMum.com.

What I especially like about this British parenting site, is its focus on the hottest rising trends (names that will be among the most popular in three to five years).

  • I was a little surprised that space-themed names like Luna and Orion were the most popular – mentioned by over half of parents. Those space-rocket fanatics, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, must be proud.
  • According to Siobhan Freegard, founder of ChannelMum, parents are also turning to “modern virtue names” like Faith and Hope to boost their moods during turbulent and uncertain times. ChannelMum claims the trend was started by that most virtuous duo, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who named their son Saint following his birth in 2015. Hmmm??

Here are the top eight name trends for 2018 (and note, I have no idea how they come up with the list but it’s fun and believable).

1. Space names (51%)  e.g. Luna, Stella, Nova, Orion

2. Gender Crossover names (37%)  e.g. Teddy, Robin and Noel for girls, Carol and Aubrey for boys

3. “Bad” boys & girls name (31%) e.g. Harley, Quinn, Ronnie, Reggie, Kato

4. Bird names (28%)  e.g. Wren, Phoenix, Paloma, Birdie

5. Virtuous names (26%)  e.g. Saint, Hope, Faith

6. Botanical Names taking over from flower names (24%) e.g. Ferne, Bay, Basil, Sage

7. Names meaning wealthy or money (12%) e.g. Ottilie, Elodie, Rafferty, Cash

8. Shakespearean names (11%) e.g. Hero, Balthazar, Ophelia, Juno

And since you’ve gotten this far, I highly recommend you watch the 3 minute video below – it’s informative and entertaining.

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