Everything Facebook is Doing to Instagram Is Killing the Product


Instagram is FREE.  I know – and I do find it useful to plan trips (hence all the Scandi accounts I follow) but over the last six months I have started to really dislike Instagram.

Besides disliking sponsored content, I hate the fact that they’re messing with my timeline. For example:

  • Sometimes I comment on a friend’s post only to realize it is a post from 3 days ago – and it will be right next to a post from 45 seconds ago. Why are they doing this?
  • I wondered why people were asking if I was still in the Antarctica – based on Instagram’s algorithms, my friends are probably just seeing me arrive in Ushuaia to embark on the ship. And, of course, I’ve already been home for over a week.

Here’s a sampling of my account as of Wednesday Feb 7, 5pm. Note the order in which I am seeing people’s posts:

  • Mitch Epstein – 9 minutes ago
  • Dienst and Dotter – 8 hours ago
  • James Veloria – 3 hours ago
  • Sodermalm – 11 hours ago
  • Morgenstern’s – 42 mins ago
  • ASK ABOUT BIPOLAR DEPRESSION – SPONSORED (what in my account, has pegged me for this?)
  • Life of Denmark – 3 hours ago
  • SUGGESTIONS FOR YOU – Noooo don’t want suggestions
  • Visit Hamburg – SUGGESTED FOR YOU (because I’m following Copenhagen and Stockholm does not mean I want to follow Hamburg!)


It’s free, I get it. They need to make money. But when both Facebook and Instagram become overrun with irrelevant sponsored content, and mess with the timeline, it becomes pretty useless.

Also, I know they are measuring to the nth degree, how much sponsored content they can push my way before I start requesting “Hide Ad.” They seem to show me fewer ads after I block them consistently. But there’s got to be a better way.

Anyone else have these issues or am I just being overly demanding?

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