Fantastic Week! Ward Shelley Tops The List



This week was amazing. Chock-a-block with great meet-ups and really cool events – if cheese and caviar are involved, how can it not be phenomenal?

But I have to kick off this post with a hot recommendation for NYC friends:

  • Anyone in NYC this weekend please check out my friend Ward Shelley’s The Newcomers. This “durational architectural performance” can be found at 28 Liberty in the Financial District (it’s in the outdoors plaza of that building near Pine and William Streets).
  • It’s free and will be up through Sunday, November 19.
  • It’s part of the Performa 17 Biennial.
  • Watch my video interview with Ward (above) to better understand what it’s about. Ward’s projects are always pretty out there – and this is no exception. And if you do go, make sure you check in with him and the crew. They’ll have been on that rig, not touching ground for ten days – and yet every day moving that contraption they are living on, the distance between each day’s poles.

Read on below for 5 more highlights of this great week.


Met up with one of my most inspiring long-time clients: Tracy Luckow


We have worked together over the years at Pepsi, Dannon and Sabra. She is now venturing out on her own. Tracy is one of the most innovative and original thinkers I’ve encountered in the business world. I am always learning from her! I’m excited to see her consulting business, Ruby Red Innovation, grow and evolve.

Tracy’s contact info:

Ruby Red Innovation
Founder Tracy Luckow


Cheese and Caviar Pairing/Tasting Hosted by the French Cheese Board

Very informative presentation by Paul Biboud-Lubeck of Sturia (Caviar Haute Couture!).

My favorite pairings were the most intense:

  •  Origin Caviar with the  Roquefort
  • Oscietra Caviar with the Camembert

Thanks to the Baddish Group for organizing and the invite!!


Tasting Table

Caviar and Cheese



Got my first look at Voysis Complete Voice AI Platform – and met up with the awesome Jamie Dwyer, who I don’t see nearly enough anymore 😢


And big shout out to my friend, Jenn Ok, Managing Partner 150 Bond,  for co-hosting this event and giving us a first look at Voysis for Commerce. This start up, out of Dublin, Ireland has built Alexa for everyone, but Amazon! Very impressive group and flawless product demo.


Susan Cianciolo show at Bridget Donahue Gallery (99 Bowery, thru Dec 3)

I’ve known Susan for a long time – ever since the Alleged Gallery days – and have always been a huge fan of her work. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really understand it but her installations make me feel like I am in the presence of gentle souls on a unique creative journey. I am grateful to experience her vision every time I see one of her shows.

RUN PRAYER, 2016-2017 Metal and timber structure, tapestry, plants, found rocks, items from ‘Run Restaurant Untitled’ 2017 Whitney Biennial, 11’6″ x 12’10” x 16’3″

RUN CAFE (detail)

Prayer Circle



Brand new mural by Fanakapan for @eastvillagewalls

If street art is your thing, check it out in Chinatown at Chrystie and Hester. Finished earlier this week.

Brand new, finished a few days ago

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