Fashion Is So Over – Retailers Drop Like Flies!


When I started this blog, the one question I got most often was why I didn’t cover fashion. I could only explain that fashion was not hugely important to me and therefore I really had nothing to say about it. I was clearly not alone in my disinterest.

The rate at which fashion retailers are shuttering is mind-blowing. Over the last few months we’ve seen at least 1000 stores close including Wet Seal, Jones New York, Abercrombie, Aeropostale, Sears, K-Mart, Kate Spade Saturday, Ralph Lauren’s Nolita store and C. Wonder.  Additionally, Macy’s is closing 14 stores and the Gap has closed 20% of its stores over the last couple of years. The question is: are the closures a result of our being less defined by fashion OR as Barbara Farfan, in the article below, conjectures, is it a reflection of an antiquated distribution system that is increasingly losing its appeal to the average consumer.

Article by Barbara Farfan on this retail trend here.




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