Feeling very VIP with NatGeo: in Cusco Peru, Day 2 of our trip


Long flight (albeit very VIP!!) from Washington DC to Cusco to start our around the world trip – will probably become super spoiled and never want to fly commercial again.

Highlights so far:

Kick-off dinner at the Hay-Adams Restaurant: great to meet our fellow travelers. And the most phenomenal views of the White House, the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial.

The Hay Adams ghost: supposedly resides on the 4th floor – which I totally believe – couldn’t sleep a wink (nor it turns out, could most of my travel mates).

Our amazing private jet: definitely the way to travel. Greeted at the top of the stairs by the British staff including the chef wearing his toque. Our first course: caviar and champagne.

The Belmond Hotel Monasterio in Cusco: our home for the next few days –  WOW! Absolutely gorgeous!

Wonderful fellow travelers: special shoutout to Jim Matson, Christopher Beach, Bob and Alice Jepson, Susan Kane, Sherri and Ray Spear, Julie Wooley, the Blausteins and Jim Maloney and Andrew Nance. Can’t wait to meet more of my fellow adventurers.

The incredible NatGeo staff: absolutely tops! Knowledgeable, always on point, super nice and lots of fun!  But a special thanks to Michael Melford, our photography expert, for recommending we download the CameraPlus app – what a difference it makes.

Photos below from our plane, fellow travelers, the NatGeo staff and our hotel in Cusco.  Some great adventures lie ahead here in Peru before we head to Easter Island.


View of the White House and Washington Monument from The Hay-Adams Dining Room at our kick-off dinner


Our very VIP private jet. Captain greeting us at top of stairs.


Pretty excited…..


Inside our plane at boarding – seems a little disco, but not really


Another view of the cabins


Our chef announcing the day’s meals


Which started with caviar and champagne


The crew and the staff – thank you Jill Wilkins for taking such good care of us!!


Two more staff members: Emily Sharpe (L) and Johanne Gordon, our fearless expedition leader.


Flying in to Cusco at sunset


From from our hotel over the hills of Cusco


Delicious ceviche


Goodbye until my next trip post – probably from Easter Island

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