Filipacchi And Super73: Cool 70’s-Inspired Design, Cutting Edge Technology

I first wrote about Filipacchi back in 2017 just after the store opened on Prince Street in Nolita.

Since then, Filipacchi has become a mecca for action sports aficionados. Last year they partnered for the first time with Super73.

Recently I’ve noticed guys gathering outside the store almost every weekend for a group ride of sorts (taking a page out of the Rapha Group Rides playbook). It’s been extremely successful for them.

Last Saturday, I ran into the biggest group yet. At least 50 NYC SuperSquad members (see above) lined up with their bikes outside of the store prepping for a ride.

I had to find out what this was about. What I discovered is that Super73 has grown its motorcycle community and the culture around it by collaborating with brands like Filipacchi and Champion. They also partner with YouTube personalities.

Here’s what else I discovered:

Lithium Cycles, the company behind the Super73, launched the electric bike as a Kickstarter project in 2016.

Per their website:

  • The idea started in 2015 when their co-founder Jon Akers was finishing his Masters of Engineering at Lehigh University.
  • Motorcycles, mopeds and mini bikes from the 1970’s drew their attention as durable, fun and timeless.
  • They’re located in Southern California and have a 4000 sq ft manufacturing space to crank out th Super73’s.

It has become the most popular e-bike on the internet and is marketed as a fun, high quality, eco-mobility solution for getting around cities.

The bike is shipped 80% assembled (Ikea-style) but they’ve partnered with Velofix to provide “premium” at-home assembly service.

The bikes range in price from $1400 to $2200.

Also, if this is your thing, make sure you follow Super73 on Instagram (they have 117K followers).

If you click on “Read More” and then page 2 below, you’ll find Casey Neistat’s review of the bike. It is an extremely fun video, as only he knows how to do.

And one final thing. WordPress just did a major update on their site (it’s what I use for this blog) and while it has some great new features, it’s got way too many glitches, e.g. the annoying Page 2 Read More thing as well as not working too well with MailChimp which is why you have not been getting your daily email. Hopefully we’ll have worked around all of these issues by next week. Fingers crossed.

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