First-Time Pet Owners on the Rise: 8MM within last year, most are millennials

I have observed this first hand and now voila! here’s the 2015–2016 National Pet Owners Survey from the American Pet Products Association (APPA), showing this is a real thing:

– More than 10% of current pet owners are new ones (8 million within the last year)
– The majority are Millennials (18 to 34 years old) and Gen X (35–50).
– 79.7 million households have pets, up 50% over the past twenty years.

Read more below on pet gadgets and toys, websites popular with pet owners, businesses catering to pets/owners and the health benefits of pet ownership.

These new dog- and cat owners spend more on their pets: toys, gifts, care items; they utilize more pet services; they also pay more to purchase their pets and on vet visits. (Interestingly, my friends are more into rescue dogs and cats – which they don’t discuss at all in this study.)

Pet owners also like high-tech gadgets like pet cams and electronic health-monitoring collars.
Pet owners also utilize websites, product review sites, and Facebook to find pets and pet products. Blogs, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram are getting more popular as well.

Businesses and corporations have taken notice, and more of them are catering to pets:

* 8% of pet owners report their workplace allows pets.

* 28% of dog owners have been to a pet-friendly hotel

* 9% have dined at a pet-friendly restaurant.

Happy Dog, Healthy Owner

The survey, along with research conducted by the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI), finds that not only do more owners believe pets are good for our health, so do doctors:

* 64% of pet owners say the health benefits of pets are important to them.

* 97% of 1,000 doctors polled believe in the health benefits of pet ownership.

* 60% would recommend a pet to improve overall health.

Link to full article by Erika Mansourian, here.

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