Flip Or Flop – My Favorite HGTV Show

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Love this show because of the two hosts – Tarek El Moussa and his wife Christine (and her parents , who have to occasionally pitch in financially).  Tarek and Christine are real estate agents who became flippers when the market fell apart a few years ago – at which time they lost everything.  What makes this show different is the positive relationship these two have vs. what you usually see on flipping shows e.g. Scott Yancey and his wife Amie (Flipping Vegas) are always bickering, the Montelongos of Flip This House on A&E (who are now bankrupt), were constantly fighting and putting each other down. 

One of my favorite Flip or Flop episodes (which aired again on Tuesday nite, November 4) was the one where they bought a mid-century modern house in a hipster neighborhood and were flummoxed to hear that this kind of buyer would definitely not want granite!!  It was interesting to see how flexible they were when they needed to step out of their design comfort zone.

So here’s to Tarek and Christine!  Watching their show is fun, entertaining and it relaxes me!!


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