Flying Business Class? Welcome to the World of the Office Cubicle


Who thought that Business Class should look like a sea of grey plastic office cubicles? Hideous!! I absolutely abhor it. What kind of thinking – and design acumen – went into this? Did they ask anybody flying if a sea of lowly office cubicles was the correct aesthetic for Business Class? How can they possibly think it’s a good idea to strip away every last morsel of luxury, comfort and glamour?

I find it atrocious that after paying thousands of dollars to fly Business, you end up spending the equivalent of a 6-8 hour day in the cubicle section – shouldn’t Business at least get you a “flying corner office”?

I’ve done some research and it looks like every airline has been sold this bill of goods on the desirability of the cubicle. A lot of it seems to be fueled by being able to have a flat bed but on my recent overnight trip, I found it not very comfortable and slept perhaps 2 hours max.

I’m of the opinion that this is an appalling turn of events and must be reversed. Flying Business should be an elevated experience as in C-Suite, NOT C as in Cubicles.

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