Forget Times Square Glitz: The Best Billboard Action Is In Brooklyn

Street Art Billboard for Clash of Clans Video Game. Artist: McBess


THIS IS A BIG DEAL: The next generation of billboardery is NOT being created by the advertising creatives whose gigantic digital billboards dominate Times Square.

  • Instead, cool brands are reaching out to artists and street art collectives to create fresher and more engaging visuals to showcase their brands – especially brands looking to tap into those with a millennial or urban mindset.
  • Brooklyn is front and center when it comes to this new billboard artistry trend.
  • Over the last decade, Brooklyn has increasingly been identified as one of the great cultural epicenters of the world.
  • Which is why so many brands are setting up creative outposts there (especially in Williamsburg and Greenpoint). Believe me, NOBODY is setting up in Times Square.

I’ve been aware of this for a while. We moved Zandl Group’s offices to Bushwick in 2008 just before the street art scene fully took off there. The Bushwick Collective was founded in 2012.

  • But it was newly brought home to me this weekend as I biked from Manhattan to Williamsburg and rode up the waterside along Kent Avenue.
  • Visually glorious and exciting to see so much art in so many different forms.

See below for just a smattering of what I saw.

Huge new mural going up for Clash of Clans video game. Artist is McBess (58K followers on Instagram).



Adidas’ reconstructed logo marking the location of their new creative hub: The Adidas Creator Farm. Love this logo.

  • Adidas is on fire! Kudos to all but most especially to Paul Gaudio, Global Creative Director and Marc Dolce, VP and creative director


Delta billboard by Colossal Media – renowned for their handpainted murals

  • This particular billboard, located near Smorgasburg, highlights traveling to places where your food comes from (the Heartland??)



Greenpoint Beer and Ale



  • Great looking space. Artist Tom Fruin created the watertower atop the building. The work is made of laser cut steel and plexiglass. The sculpture is 10 ft. in diameter and is 14 ft tall.  It rests on a 10 x 10 ft. base.

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