Gabriella Gershenson pulled together a great panel to discuss Brooklyn, The Brand


Left to right: Eric Demby, Allison Kave, Marty Markowitz, Rachel Wharton

Headed up to Symphony Space Tuesday nite for a Food Talk (despite the fact that it was zero degrees!!) and I am so glad I did.  Really fantastic panel discussion – Marty Markowitz (former Brooklyn Borough President) is a hoot!!  If you ever get a chance to see him speak, do it!!  Other panelists included Eric Demby (co-founder of the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg), Allison Kave (co-owner of Butter & Scotch) and Rachel Wharton (award-winning food writer).  Getting a panel together that gels so well is a real art and big kudos to Gabriella for pulling it off.  The secret by the way: panelists that already know each other and like each other a lot!!!

So the big takeaways on what defines Brooklyn (Food), as a Brand: 1. Sincerity, authenticity, passion about how food is made, 2. pride of the individual maker, 3. community and collaboration, 4. specialization – making one thing really well and  5. successful small business incubators

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