GAME CHANGERS: 5 brands that rocked my world in 2016


I’ve only recently gotten onboard with ApplePay (when I got my new phone). But, wow, that service makes me fall in love with it every single day when I shop at Whole Foods. It feels magical – so much so, that I’m compelled to tell the checkout person – every time – how much I love using it. What makes it so wonderful?  Waving my phone by the checkout, a quick tap of my finger and bingo, there’s that checkmark that tells me I’ve paid. Every aspect of the ApplePay UX makes me beam with pleasure.

Read on below for 4 more brands that have had a major, positive impact on my life. Interestingly, 4 of the 5 are services.

I would also love to know what your gamechanger brands have been this year.

Uber – while traveling vs. renting a car

On my recent trip to LA, I decided to forego a car rental (first time ever!). I was curious to see if I could manage with only an Uber. And all I can say is YES, YES, YES!

Not only is it easier and more convenient to go with an Uber, it is so much less expensive!! This is the future for me – no wonder the rental car companies are going bust.

In terms of cost, I spent half of what the rental would run me – especially if you include hotel parking fees.

Note: I rarely use an Uber in NYC. Unfortunately, I find the service in Manhattan disappointing – their algorithms on wait times are generally way off but when I’m traveling, it works like a charm. I’ve used Uber everywhere from Miami to Detroit, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Los Angeles.


Ludlow House

I joined Ludlow (Soho) House when it opened back in May and it has been such a pleasure to work there. The space is beautiful, it has a great vibe. The staff is phenomenal – they make me feel so welcome. It is also extraordinary how they remember exactly what my preferences are – everything from the dressing I like on my kale salad to my favorite cocktail (and that I like it with gin not vodka) to where I like to sit to work.  Big shout-out to whoever does staff training – you are a ROCK STAR!

I have become so much more productive since working there (3 days a week). I can’t express enough how much more lovely my day-to-day life has become because of this membership. I adore you, Ludlow House!



I used this urgent care facility for the first time a few months ago and was so impressed by the level of service – before, during and after. For minor ailments, I will probably never go back to a GP. This is so much easier, no appointments are necessary, it’s a very tech-forward facility, they take insurance. Everything about it is convenient and easy to use. And, by the way, my malady was correctly diagnosed and I was on the road to recovery within a day.


White Moustache Sour Cherry Yogurt

I am addicted to this yogurt. And I’ll gladly confess that I go to crazy extremes when Whole Foods is out. It is not beneath me to actively harass them online until it is back in stock.

I’m primarily a fan of the sour cherry, the other flavors don’t do it for me, but this is the most delicious, beautifully packaged yogurt ever. It is made in Red Hook (with milk from an upstate farm). Expensive, but highly recommend. Thank you Mary Clarke for yet another phenomenal recommendation.

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