GEN Z YELLOW Suddenly All The Rage: Why? Snapchat Of Course!

Gen Z Yellow on Instagram. Left: Dabito (Nov 5); Upper Right: Manrepeller (Nov 13), Bottom Middle: FionaBologna (Nov 11);


Have been noticing tons of YELLOW popping up on Instagram.

I credit Snapchat. They were founded in late 2011 but didn’t reach critical mass until 2015.  All of a sudden Snapchat Yellow was on every Gen Z’s phone!

So ironic, that Snapchat’s signature yellow is popularized through Instagram (its chief competitor and perhaps ultimate destroyer).

While I believe Snapchat is to blame for embedding yellow on our consciousness, I have not seen anybody else make that connection. So who knows? But here are some alternate reasons why yellow is set to become 2018’s color of the year.

Per Man Repeller: Gen-Z Yellow is the natural evolution of millennial pink. It’s both nostalgic and modern. It has zest, energy, optimism.

According to HomePolish: We have to look all the way back to 2014 to trace its origins. That’s when the “Art Hoe” movement was co-founded by Mars and Jam, two young black female artists. Art Hoe is a way of redefining blackness and challenging stereotypes about people of color through art. Some describe it as “a sort of social-media driven Harlem Renaissance.”

I still think it was Snapchat!

See more Gen Z Yellow pics below.

Snapchat billboard in LA 2015

Snapchat Spectacles Pop Up NYC 2016

Photo Credit: Zara

Source: Pinterest August 2017

Rihanna FentyxPuma

HomePolish Nov. 9, 2017


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