Get Your Flu Shot This Weekend: It Absolutely Works!

flu shot

I’ve been advocating for flu shots for 20 years – ever since I got horribly sick while on an important business trip. Couldn’t make any of my meetings, couldn’t get out of bed, stuck at the hotel for a week before I was well enough to fly home. Well, I was not going to let that happen again!!

I couldn’t change my work schedule which had me crisscrossing the country for trend presentations during February, March and April (peak flu times). But, I figured, if I was going to have to be on planes with people who were coughing and hacking for 5 hours straight, I could at least protect myself from the worst of it: the dreaded flu.

So, I’ve been getting annual flu shots since then and have NOT gotten the flu even once in the intervening years. I’ve caught the occasional cold but even they don’t linger as long as they did in the past.

I know a lot of people believe the flu shot will give them the flu – IT DOES NOT!!

And it’s so easy, you can get the flu shot at any drugstore – I got mine yesterday at Duane Reade!!

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