Getting Political Today. Blame It On Pop Culture!


First, kudos to Andrew Yang for doing a bang up job on the #bottlecapchallenge. Second, I finally found something inspiring about AOC.


Let’s start with the bottle cap challenge. Are any other presidential candidates doing this? Sanders? Biden? Harris?

I follow Andrew Yang on Instagram. A few days ago, he took on the challenge, and it’s gone viral with 158K views. A math nerd, running for president, who also has a mean roundhouse kick. Color me impressed.

How did the bottle cap challenge start? I initially saw it on TikTok, but according to the NY Times, the bottle-cap-kicking videos first circulated in mixed martial arts circles. Farabi Davletchin, a Taekwondo champion, posted a cap-kicking video on Instagram with the hashtag #farakickschallenge. He called out several celebrities to accept his challenge, including Jason Statham, Conor McGregor, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Jackie Chan.

The challenge went viral, with plenty of celebrities as well as regular Instagram and Twitter users trying it out. Jason Statham’s is especially worth watching. Link here.

So expect the #bottlecapchallenge to be a thing for a few more weeks – but most likely not in political circles.


Now onto AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), Trump’s equal when it comes to Twitter. The media can’t get enough of her, and this may not be a popular thing to say, but I think a lot of it has to do with her appearance. She’s young, extremely good-looking, and very photogenic (and a good dancer). Her socialist politics, I’m not so into, but I am impressed with her “presence” and how outspoken she is. There’s nothing she doesn’t have an opinion on so the press, of course, is mad for her.

Which brings me to how she could be incredibly helpful to a whole new cottage industry of political fashion bloggers. They don’t exist yet but let me explain.

I came across a Michigan blogger, Susan E. Kelley, who founded What Kate Wore in 2011 when Britain’s Prince William got engaged to Kate Middleton. She had another blog at the time, but whenever she wrote anything about Kate, she got a huge boost in readership. Eventually, she just went all in and started to exclusively follow the dutchess. More recently she added What Kate’s Kids Wore and What Meghan Wore.

Per the Rapid City Journal, there is also a blog called Meghan’s Mirror, edited by Christine Ross, a writer from Virginia. That blog launched before Meghan Markle started dating Prince Harry, because Ross’ co-editor, Amanda Dishaw of Toronto, was a fan of Markle’s TV series “Suits.” Once Harry and Meghan were spotted together in public, the actress’ profile went up. And so did visits to their site. The blog is a fulltime gig, monetized by selling Meghan-inspired items, e.g., jewelry on

What Kate Wore also links to what are called “repliKates,” shoppable items similar to something the Duchess of Cambridge has worn. That’s kind of brilliant!

It made me wonder who, Stateside, would have this kind of appeal – somebody with a public schedule, doing quasi-important work, who is stylish but not a Kardashian.

The first person to come to mind was Michelle Obama, but she’s out of the limelight. Melania Trump and Ivanka don’t have the same kind of appeal and may be too toxic.

It only took a minute to come up with AOC – a quick Google search shows her in Vogue, Elle, Glamour. Additionally, with so many women now seeking election, there has to be a massive opportunity for a Women-In-Politics website that fills us in on the details of these influential women’s fashion decisions, i.e., the clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, and even hair products per campaign stop or any other public occasion. Yes? No?


Scroll down below for pics – and tell me if this isn’t a great idea.


AOC – this woman is going places. Maybe ultimately not in politics but reality TV for sure. The Netflix documentary on her caught lightning in a bottle – why not an on-going blog?

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez TIME cover
Credit: TIME


Ilhan Omar – very controversial but with the growing popularity of  “modest fashion,” she is an influencer. And she’s besties with AOC.


Kamala Harris – she’s MAJOR!! Got both the chops and the style, to go far in her presidential endeavors.


Elizabeth Warren: I am not a fan of those cardigans – but presumably many women are and would want to know where she gets them.


Bottom Line.

Seriously, I hope somebody picks up on this and develops a “Women In Politics” blog to follow these female movers and shakers on their day-to-day, the public appearances, campaign stops. We want to see what they’re wearing, how their style evolves plus brand name details. I predict this would be a huge success! It might sound superficial at first but a lot of women – of all ages – would find this informative, entertaining, and helpful if done right.


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