Ghostbusters HyperReality Experience: WHOA!!!! So much fun!


OMG – this is just about the most awesome entertainment experience I have ever had! It plays out in “hyper-reality” so quite different from the VR Samsung experience. Here, you get suited up with a full helmet, a proton pack (really heavy!) and a ghostbusting gun.  If anyone is headed to NYC over the next few months, highly recommend you check this out – first, because it is FUN but also because it takes you to the future!!! It’s also a great case study for how to create tremendous buzz around a so-so remake. Kudos to Sony!

I went with Jamie Dwyer and totally embarrassed him (and myself!) when I got too scared to cross a rickety bridge that took us from one building to the next (especially since he had told me that no matter what I saw, we were in a totally safe, grey room). Nevertheless, you feel physical sensations e.g. ghosts exploding on you or the smell of  marshmallows. I can’t imagine what kind of experiences we’ll be having in another 5 or 10 years. Mindblowing!

See below for more details on the where and when as well as more pics of our Madame Tussaud experience.

The Ghostbusters Hyper-Reality Experience is at Madame Tussaud’s in Times Square, you should get there by 9am unless you want to wait in line for 2-3 hours. It costs $50 a person for the whole shebang (Ghostbusters plus everything else at the museum). Each group is 4 people. Once suited up, you’ll see the other 3 participants as ghostbusting avatars.  One caveat: they are still working out tech glitches – altho our experience on Tuesday was pretty flawless. However, it is not unusual for the whole thing to need a reboot while you’re in the midst the experience!

This combination of  virtual reality technology and real-time physical setting was designed by THE VOID. Digital worlds are mapped over physical spaces with added real-time interactive effects. The physical and digital worlds are melded together using proprietary hardware that allows the user to move naturally and seamlessly through the experience.


Slimey ghosts


Jamie and the Hulk


Jimmy and me ….


Jamie feeling hungry




my hero!!


Pres. Dwyer


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