Glade – the latest brand to get its cool on with a NYC Pop Up


Guests resting in the “Feelings Lounge” curated with items that architect/designer Stephanie Goto chose based on how the scents inspired her.

Glade has created an impressive multi-sensory and immersive experience to introduce five new fragrances from their Scent Lab and Feelings Lounge. But Wow – the fragrances are way too overpowering (and cloyingly sweet) for my tastes.  However, all is not lost.  I absolutely LOVED the really fun photo ops, the candle mosaic wall, and most especially the opportunity to hang out – and learn from – my good friend and sensory expert, Tom Knotek!!

Here are my 3 highlights:

1. The candle wall housing 1500 back-lit scented candles that form a mosaic design of a woman’s face – not really noticeable initially. You see it first through your camera lens (very similar to the mural we saw at Pinewood Social in Nashville).


Mosaic of woman’s face on the candle wall


Close up of the candle wall


Celebrity fashion designer Pamela Dennis, left, and New York-based designer and architect Stephanie Goto celebrate the grand opening of the Glade(R) Boutique in front of Goto’s scent-inspired creation compiled of nearly 1,500 candles in 18 Glade(R) scents Monday, Nov. 17, 2014 in New York.

2. The photo ops integrated into each of the environments and triggered through the bar code on the What Will You Feel Card (which you receive upon entering the store). The pics are then emailed to you or you can access them through their site. The tech is a little glitchy but a really fun idea (Google did a similar thing last year at their pop up in Bryant Park – not surprisingly, that was glitch-free and quite a bit more fun).


Energized (inspired by Red Honeysuckle Nectar): a sleek, minimally futuristic space featuring four Oculus Rift stations (3D virtual reality) where a custom thrill ride ends in a field of Red Honeysuckle Nectar and leaves you feeling energized (nauseous!!). Note the smaller screens are the ones taking your photo.


My photo taken in the Energized Room

3. The glass cloches – LOVED LOVED LOVED these.  They were used to display fragrances and other key elements featured in each fragrance. Note: Glass cloches are showing up everywhere – big trend!!  Also loved the use of succulents and other plants throughout the environment – although wasn’t clear how they related to any of the scents.




Glass cloches used to sample the scents


Succulent table


Tom Knotek in the Anticipation Room

Tom Knotek in the Anticipation Room


Anticipation? Relax? Flirty? which door will it be??



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