Grammarly Fail: Unusable With New WordPress Update

I’m a premium user and have touted the benefits of this app to my readers since May. No longer! As of October when I updated to the newest version of WordPress (Gutenberg), Grammarly stopped working. But it’s their response to the problem that I found most egregious.

Please rest assured our technical team is already aware of the problem you reported, but unfortunately, we don’t currently have a quick fix. I can’t provide you with an estimated timeframe because the developers need some time to analyze the cause of the issue, but please rest assured that we won’t forget about it.

Tiffany, Grammarly Support
This lame-ass response raises 3 major issues
  1. The Gutenberg update for WordPress was launched on December 18, 2018. While it took me 9 months to switch to the new version, it’s beyond me why Grammarly claims to have just discovered there was a problem. They’re the pros. How can they say, after 10 months, that their developers “need time to analyze the cause of the issue”?
  2. If you can’t deliver the service, don’t charge for it until you’re back up and running. They have 7 million active daily users. Many of us undoubtedly have pre-paid annual subscriptions. And many of us are WordPress users. We are being ripped off. Issue a credit to all the users that you’ve stiffed with theft of service!
  3. The work-around they proposed takes us back to the dark ages. What they suggested I do is revert to the “Classic” version of WordPress. Classic is no longer even supported by WordPress. How can they go on record with an idea that sucks so bad? It’s like suggesting we abandon electricity for candles. Beyond disappointing.

One other scammy thing I found. Grammarly is one of those apps that doesn’t give you the option to opt-out of renewing automatically. Why am I not surprised?

WEIRD UPDATE: As I finished writing this post yesterday, I got an email from Tiffany at Grammarly to say they had checked my subscription and if I wanted to cancel, they’d be happy to accommodate me – and provide a partial refund. But here’s the weird part. They sent me the email just after I wrote this post but before it was published! And they had “closed my case” a few days ago. Weird coincidence or are they spying on us also?

Bottom Line.

Grammarly fired me. The lesson for users: do not become too problematic or demanding otherwise they will kick you to the curb!

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