The Mobile Mind Shift from RetailMeNot – fascinating, a must-read!


RetailMeNot just released findings from a study they commissioned August 2015 from Forrester Consulting to look at how smartphones and apps are changing retail.

Smartphones Are Quickly Becoming The First Screen For Consumers—Even In Retail

  • 84% of consumers use their smartphones while shopping in-store.
  • Internet usage at home in the living room and common areas is now predominately done by smartphone (83%), surpassing PC/laptop usage (53%) and tablet usage (54%).

Coupons Continue To Be Compelling And Have Gained More Traction As In-store Influencers

    • 65% of consumers use their smartphones to find coupons online.
    • 55% of consumers use a smartphone to find a coupon while shopping in-store, and an equal number use their smartphone to redeem a coupon while in-store.
    • The study found that in 2015, 49% of digital coupons discovered on smartphones are ultimately used in-store to make a purchase, a 22% increase from 2014.

Read more below on retailers attempts to get consumers to use their apps as well as the link to the full study.

Retailers Struggle To Get Consumers To Use Their Apps

      • 60% of consumers, who have used a mobile phone in the last 3 months for retail, have two or fewer retailer apps on their phones, and 21% do not have any.
      • 56% use retailer apps once a month or less.
      • In fact, the study revealed that consumers more frequently choose to use a mobile website to perform the majority of their shopping-related activities, such as purchasing a product, finding a coupon or coupon code or comparing prices with other websites or stores.

Retailers Must Do More To Reach Customers Beyond Having A Great App

“Retailers’ mobile strategies need to encompass more than just their app and website—they must also reach extended mobile audiences engaged in the shopping or browsing process,” said Michael Jones, senior vice president, retailer and brand solutions, RetailMeNot, Inc. “I believe that this study conducted by Forrester Consulting clearly shows that retailers who involve partners like RetailMeNot, that already own and can share consumers’ mobile moments, are on a pathway towards success.”

Get the full study here:


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