Hammocking is so popular, it’s starting to be banned by cities and colleges

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Whoa – this is news to me!!  Sales of light weight hammocks have risen by 51% in the past year, according to NPD.  Especially popular with millennials and college students who are taking hammocks along on “done in a day” activities. There are hammock clubs and hammockforums online. It’s gotten so popular that some cities are considering banning it because it is damaging trees.  There’s even a National Hammock Day in America – July 22nd!

Hammocking has also become more popular with serious hikers/campers. Hammockers are called “hangers.”  Travel or camping hammocks are especially popular among Leave No Trace and Ultra Light campers, hikers, and sailing enthusiasts for their reduced impact on the environment and their lightness and lack of bulk compared to tents.

And let’s not forget Extreme Hammocking – when a hammocker sets up a hammock in a hard to reach or especially high place.

See more pics below:


Hammock clubs have become very popular on campuses


Extreme Hammocking in Northern Italy




Chilling out

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.53.50 PM


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