Hard to believe, but digital transformation is still in its infancy at many companies


Only 38% of companies have restructured their marketing teams and technology infrastructure to better reach and connect with consumers in the digital age.  Check out this excellent report from Skyword that shows how marketers are laying the foundation of digital transformation.

The report defined a transformative organization as one that had shifted traditional marketing investment in five key areas:

1. Technology: 58% adopted new technology in the past year esp. social media monitoring and management platforms, followed by design software and analytics tools.

2. Teams and Skill Sets: Editorial managers and content marketers are starting to be moved in house (but traditional marketing positions e.g. brand manager are still most common).

3. Content Marketing: 40% grew content marketing investment, with video and blog posts the top priorities.

4. Communicating Brand Story: 65% recruit the executive team for their storytelling abilities throughout the marketing planning and execution process.

5. Taking the Brand Story Global: 43% have a global content marketing strategy, 39% plan to lay the groundwork in the next two years. Only 23% create content in 5+ languages.


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