Have You Ever Met A French Cheese You Didn’t Like? Me Neither…


Invited to a wine and cheese pairing event at the French Cheese Board in Soho last Monday. Wines were by Chateau des Bormettes (imported by Wineberry America).

Highlights of the event:

  • The Crottin de Chavignol goes exceptionally well with the Rose. So much so, I was compelled to make a goat cheese purchase at the event.
  • The French Cheese Board is a great resource to dial up your cheese expertise e.g. if you’re having a party and want some tips on putting together perfect cheese platters, this is your spot. Ask for Charles Duque (French Dairy Board).
  • They also offer classes. I’m going to take the Fromage 101 class from cheese monger, Mary Connolly, who I met at the event (pic above, lower right).
  • This is also going to become my go-to for cheese purchases (vs. trekking all the way to Trader Joe’s). Prices are exceptional – and quality is top-notch.
  • I met some very cool food bloggers and instagrammers – including chubbychinesegirleats. Follow her!!  She’s one more former blogger who now only instagrams (51K followers).

Very fun and informative event. Thank you Laura Baddish of the Baddish Group for the invite. And if any of you are looking for a venue for an intimate foodie/wine/cheese event, this might be your spot. Reach out to Laura for more info.

Pics of the event below.

French Cheese Board Event Space

Mary Connelly, Cheesemonger and teacher at Fromage 101

Cheese for pairing with wine

chubbychinesegirleats getting her instagram shots (back to us, striped top)

how to cut different shaped cheeses

Laura Baddish (middle in Grey) greeting first guests

Cheese selection for purchase


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