Health Update: How Can This Be? Lost Weight While On This Ship!


Shocked to find I had lost one pound while on my trip. Now down 13 lbs total. This was especially surprising since I had told my body tutor that my goal was to NOT GAIN more than 3lbs!

So what happened?

I kept up the daily reporting while on the ship

  • And after a few days of buffet splurges, Haley pulled me back to center when she asked me to think about my plate strategy (i.e. fill up only one plate when at the buffet and make sure that half of that plate is greens)
  • As they say at MBT: What gets reported gets managed. And what gets managed gets changed.


I became acutely aware of my temptations and focused on not letting them get the best of me

  • Cheese at lunch buffet, chips/snacks late afternoon in the lounge and fresh fruit were my biggest temptations
  • I’ve always craved cheese so had to either eliminate it entirely or limit myself to one cracker with cheese per day (I did the latter)
  • The snacks were more difficult because I generally found the afternoons pretty boring.
  • Cutting down my fruit consumption has also been extremely difficult but I substituted it for all the creamy, delicious-looking desserts that were served morning to night on the ship. Haley cut me some slack on the fruit as long as I didn’t go back for seconds (or thirds).


Discovered that trekking around in knee-deep snow, taking stairs from the lowest level of the ship to the bridge multiple times a day and just generally being out in the cold, burns LOTS of calories

  •  My daily calorie count was around 2500 (1000 more than usual) which means the only reason I didn’t put on any weight is because I was burning more calories than I consumed.


See below for a few photos from the the ship’s dining options.

The breakfast and lunch buffet – and great staff!!

Oatmeal with berry compote and yogurt

Lunch salad

another lunch salad with fish and sausage

Dinner at the Captain’s Table one evening

The captain and Irene and Felix from Switzerland (Felix is a bee expert!!)

appetizer at the Captain’s Table

It was COLD but I was happy!!

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