Here’s Why I Get My Flu Shot Every Year


Just got my annual flu shot and am begging you all to do the same.

  • Especially if you fly a lot.
  • Was reminded of this last week when all those people on the Emirates and American Airlines flights got sick and had to be quarantined.
  • The Emirates flight to JFK came from Dubai and a hundred people fell sick but only 10 had the flu. Vanilla Ice was on board that flight but he was fine, of course!
  • The two Philadelphia-bound American Airlines flights came from Paris and Munich. All the sick passengers on those flights also had the flu.
  • The CDC warned that this was a harbinger of a very bad, and early, flu season.

I’ve been getting my flu shot for over 30 years.

  • I became a convert after coming down with the flu while on a business trip to LA.
  • Couldn’t leave my room, certainly couldn’t attend meetings and I couldn’t fly home.
  • I was stuck for over a week, violently ill, out of pocket for thousands of dollars.
  • It turned me into a flu shot zealot.
  • And, by the way, I have not gotten the flu since. On top of that, I’ve also rarely gotten a cold.

The CDC is recommending we all get our flu shots as soon as possible – especially kids and people 50 and over.

It takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies that protect against flu to develop in the body, so the earlier in the season you get the shot, the better.

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