Hot Pockets launches Food Truck Snacks: could be AWESOME!!


I’ve done so much work over the last decade scouting food trucks from LA (Kogi!!) to Portland to NYC and many places in between. Amazing that food truck culture is still a thing after all this time (the number of food trucks tripled over the last four years). It’s clearly not as buzzy anymore but that hasn’t stopped Hot Pockets from getting in on the action.

I must admit I am intrigued. They go out of their way to say that they’ve partnered with “real food truck chefs” from Los Angeles and Chicago (Komodo, The Lobos Truck, Baby’s Burgers and Toasty Cheese Mobile Eatery). Komodo has been a fave of mine in the past – and this sounds pretty yummy: Eric and Erwin Tjahyadi’s unique bite-size creation is made with tender beef, red pepper and jalapeños with Hoisin sauce in a mini spring roll. 

Unfortunately none of this is available in my neck of the woods.  If anyone does find them, please let me know!!

Per their press release:  HOT POCKETS is elevating a familiar favorite with a culinary twist and adventurous new flavors and product forms. The HOT POCKETS Food Truck line allows more people to experience the latest in mobile eating. Showcased in original packaging that features each food truck’s co-creation story, the newest HOT POCKETS line unites bold ingredients like fiery jalapeños and premium meats like Applewood smoked bacon with 100% real cheese and no artificial flavors. 


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