How amazing Is this vintage Bronco?

Saw this gorgeous Bronco parked on my street recently. And then, just a few days later learned that Vintage Ford Broncos are going for $47K – double what they were just five years ago.

Per Bloomberg, younger buyers love vintage SUVs. One dealer, Barrett-Jackson, sold 12 of them at the recent Scottsdale Car Auctions.

The rarer, more highly restored, the higher the prices. One sold recently in Florida for $110K. And the world record for any Bronco sold at auction is $500,000, for a 1969 Bronco sold in 2013.

Millennials with money to spare want vintage SUVs because that’s what they grew up with so it’s their earliest point of reference (vs. baby boomers who are primarily into vintage muscle cars). The most coveted Broncos are “first-generation” which Ford made from 1966 to 1977.

2017 is also expected to be the year that the number of millennials searching online for collector car values will surpass searches by baby boomers.

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