How Did Iceland Get To Be Such A Hot Travel Spot? Instagram!!

iceland instagram

My instagram feed is increasingly filled with the most gorgeous Iceland photos as more friends visit the country.

And I believe the boom in travel to Iceland is directly tied to the launch of Instagram. If you look at the chart below of travel growth to Iceland (1949-2016), you’ll notice it shot up like a rocket in 2010 – the exact year that Instagram was launched!!

I haven’t been yet but it is one of the destinations on my 2017 Nat Geo Northern Route Trip. Can hardly wait. This year, American tourists to Iceland have actually outnumbered Iceland’s population. Crazy right?

See below for more info on travel trends to Iceland.

In 2016, 2MM travelers are expected to visit Iceland, more than triple the figure from 2010.


There’s been a six-fold increase in Americans from 2010 thru 2016.

There was a 65% increase in searches for Iceland hotels and flights between 2015 and 2016. Much of this interest surrounds New Year’s vacations. (Source Kayak)

Vox agrees about Instagram but also believes the surge in interest has more to do with the 2010 volcanic eruption (Eyjafjallajökull) that caused a weeklong shutdown of the European air industry and kept Iceland in the headlines for months.

Seizing on these headlines in 2010, Iceland’s tourist board released a series of videos — Inspired by Iceland — featuring dancing, singing, glaciers, fjords, and hot springs. The campaign was pushed out hard on social media – and clearly took! Other growth factors cited by Vox include the launch of airbnb, less expensive flights and global safety issues – with more terrorist incidents in Europe, Iceland is considered one of the safest countries in the world.

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