How did witches get so cool, glamorous and artsy?


Great piece recently in Artsy on witchcraft’s comeback in art globally – link here. And, it seems, everyone I know is talking about the witches of Brooklyn (generally) and the Witches of Bushwick (specifically).

So I’ve been exploring the subject – trying to figure out why wicca, witches and covens have become so popular – especially among young female artists.

Here are 10 things I’ve discovered about the witches phenomena:

  1. The internet is making it much easier for the Craft-curious to find information. Vast networks are spreading online.
  2. Witches of Bushwick is a collective of women who embrace art, fashion, and witchcraft. Founder Christine Tran invited Vice’s Broadly into her coven with some of the leading Witches, exploring how a Brooklyn party circuit transformed into a hotbed for creativity and female empowerment.
  3. The Witches’s collaborators include the trans artist Juliana Huxtable and the fashion house Chromat (which I discovered randomly at this year’s NYFW thru Yesjulz on snapchat – LOVE!!).
  4. What started out as a monthly party has evolved into a platform for artists who believe that female bonding is near to spirituality. If you are at all interested in this amazing group of witches/artists, watch the video above – it’s 6 minutes long but engrossing!!
  5. Witch tattoo artists. For example, Noel’le Longhaul’s intricate Edward-Gorey-wild animals and witches scenes. She’s 25, a RISD graduate, a folk musician and a trans person. Her interview in Dazed is worth a read.
  6. Yoko Ono is collaborating with 18 new artists for a sequel to her 2007 Witch album. This new one is titled Yes, I’m a Witch Too. This time around, Ono’s collaborators include Cibo Matto, Peter Bjorn and Moby.
  7. This past February, WITCH, a Chicago-based performance collective, staged a “ritual performance” to protest gentrification in a local neighborhood.
  8. Pinterest is filled with Witch Art including sexy witches and fantasy witches.
  9. And let’s not forget anime witches!!
  10. The Bay Area (San Francisco) is the nucleus of American witchcraft. 

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