How many healthy years do YOU have left? Use this calculator to find out

Photo Credit: Dean Churack


This is very interesting. Tells you how many healthy years you’ve got left and how much healthier and longer your life might be if you were to lose some poundage, sleep more and drink less.

It was developed by Jeyaraj Vadiveloo, a professor at the University of Connecticut

Here’s the free online tool. They note it is still a work in progress.

Read on below for the model assumptions they used as well as the link to the full article from the UK’s Daily Mail.

From the Jeyaraj Vadiveloo team:

This is the first time such a measurement tool has been developed. While it’s too early to validate the accuracy of our calculations with actual data, we have been careful to ensure that the model assumptions are based on established actuarial sources and the modeling results are logical and consistent.

  •  It should be noted that healthy life expectancy is simply an educated prediction. Unforeseen incidents – like being hit by a truck – could render this estimate invalid, no matter how well you manage lifestyle habits.
  • Also, there could be other nonmeasurable factors impacting healthy life expectancy that we have not included in our model, like level of stress, a positive attitude to life or social connections.

Link to full article here.

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