Millennials Redefining The Role Of Grandparents


Millennial moms and dads are using technology through every phase of their parenting journey and their moms and dads are also embracing the same tools to stay connected to their grandchildren every step of the way.

36% of Millennial Moms say they traveled to visit grandparents and 35% exchanged cards and letters but these Moms have also introduced live video to enrich the conversation:

  • 35% use FaceTime;
  • 27% use Skype

These numbers will increase as Millennials purchase everything from iPads to e-printers to make sure their children and parents keep in touch.

Read below to see how today’s younger grandparents are using technology to redefine the relationship with their grandchildren.

Moms are purchasing wireless printers for their parents so children’s pictures can be emailed to grandma’s printer at home. Millennial Moms are also buying iPads for their parents so they can Skype and FaceTime with their grandchildren.

Research indicates that almost 33% of Boomer grandparents contribute to education, lessons or activities for their grandchildren and the majority of family vacations include several generations, with grandma and grandpa often footing the bill.

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