Hyper Niche-ification: Look for this to be a top trend for 2017


Came across this trend while reading Bike Radar and it made me realize how much more frequently I am looking for products and services that are hyper specific to my needs e.g. aspirin for specific ailments or different milks for coffee vs. cereal.

Read on below for more info on what is driving this trend.

What is driving this trend – and what should you be on the lookout for?

  • Consumers are becoming more confident in their ability to get the perfect product. Google searches, apps, the internet and e-commerce, have all made it easier to get what you want – WITHOUT compromise.
  • High-tech, niche production is surging e.g. 3D printing. Custom and personalized production is replacing old time manufacturing in urban areas e.g. in Brooklyn or Detroit. This also applies to handcrafted foods e.g. White Moustache Yogurt handmade and packaged in Red Hook is leaps and bounds ahead of mainstream brands like Chobani in quality and flavors.
  • The increasing power of inbound vs. outbound advertising i.e. all forms of social media vs. traditional TV, print and billboards.
  • The ascendancy of micro-influencers and niche-focused creators.  Marketers are seeking them out because of their ability to authentically engage audiences vs. celebrities who may have millions of followers but little connection to whatever brand they are pitching.
  • Opportunities are endless for companies willing to dig deep to understand consumer pain points – and then providing products/services that provide a real solution.

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