I am such a sucker for a County Fair. So much fun. Highly recommend!

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14th annual Dodge County Holstein Futurity. Cows are presented by Leadsperson in formal wear – why I don’t have a clue

I am in Wisconsin this weekend for the Dodge County Fair.  Highlights on Saturday included the pig races and the Holstein Futurity awards (holstein cows taken thru their paces by girls in evening gowns and guys in formal wear – don’t ask, I don’t get it either!). I especially appreciated the charging station from US Cellular (might have been new this year?) and I was intrigued by the God Mobile.

Heading to the Fair again on Sunday (today) for the demolition derby, the swinging beavers square dancing competition and the herdsmanship awards.

Pictures below.

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Yes we were!

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Pig races

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3 at a time

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The swine sweepstakes

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More formal wear

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White tuxedo

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The winners

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The winning Holstein with leadperson in the blue dress

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fun at the fair

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teacup ride

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shorn sheep

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Baby goats

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Cow spa – wash and blow dry

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Cool hipster Future Farmer of America (FFA)

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Brett Kahlhamer and me

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