If you’re a yogurt fan, check out White Moustache – the BEST I’ve ever had!!

white moustache

I am totally addicted to White Moustache Sour Cherry Yogurt. My friend, Mary Clarke, who always knows a thing or two about what’s up, turned me on to this brand recently.  At the moment, it is in very limited distribution only in NYC (Whole Foods, Murray’s Cheese etc) and it’s expensive -$5.39!  They have a very tight range of flavors. Today I snagged the last two Sour Cherries.  No nutritional breakdown altho I found some online info that suggests it’s 170 calories per jar. One of the things that makes it so special is that they use Hudson Valley Fresh Milk – info also courtesy of Mary!

I cannot recommend this yogurt highly enough. It leaves all other brands in the dust – be they commercial or smaller boutique brands. Fage, Chobani, Siggi’s, Saint Benoit Creamery, Traderspoint, Blue Hill, Noosa, Anita’s Creamline – are all now history to me!!! Sohha is the only other new brand (to me) – and again courtesy of Mary Clarke, that comes close to White Moustache. It is a savory yogurt and if you’re lucky you might run into John Fout, one of the founders, doing sampling at your local Whole Foods. It is only in NY distribution but is available online thru Amazon, Food52 and Our Harvest.

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