I’m Frugal. Are These Items Worth The Splurge?

Over the years, through trial and error, I have become better at assessing what’s worth spending a little extra on, and what’s not. And mind you this comes from someone (me!) who’ll book a windowless hotel room to save a few dollars (but fly Business to get there). Obviously I’m conflicted when it comes to spending money.

But As we head into a new decade, I’ve been thinking about fresh starts

I’ve put together a shopping list of essential items that need an upgrade for 2020.

Major items on my list include new linens and bedding (urgent!), kitchen gadgets, e.g., I’m giving up my Nespresso Vertuo and going back to the French Press, and a new iPhone and laptop.

Scroll down for more – and if you have great recommendations, send them my way.
Linens and Bedding

Sheets, Towels, and Pillows: I buy these items online and I don’t really understand why I always end up with such crappy products. I don’t get the pricing or understand the reviews.

For example, there is a queen-size sheet set on Amazon that has a 4.5 rating (out of 5) based on 62,000 reviews and it’s $25 and I’m almost certain I bought it previously and I do not like it. It’s brushed microfiber and that might be the problem. On the other hand, the Balichun 100% cotton set is $129 but only has 113 reviews. Or should I go even more premium?

I also had terrible luck with pillows. I’m pretty sure I need to pay a visit to my local Bed Bath & Beyond and touch and feel all these items before buying.

But if any of you have specific recommendations, please send them my way.

Pots and Pans. I don’t need to replace these often but when I do, I like the Farberware classic stainless steel. Mid-price. I am not into spending ridiculous amounts on Calphalon. And I have a whole set of gorgeous copper pots and pans that are largely decorative. They are so heavy, I cannot lift them off the stove. I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought them – total waste of money.

Coffee makers: I have two K-pod coffee machines: Nespresso and Keurig. I have both of them stashed away and am back to using my French Press which is in desperate need of replacement. Why do I prefer the French Press? So many reasons, starting with how the coffee tastes. It’s also far less expensive to buy ground coffee than pods and it’s more environmentally friendly.

Apple items. I just got the new iPhone and will be getting a new laptop. I must say I am not as enamored of Apple as I used to be. However, since everything I have is synced to Apple, I feel obligated to stay with it. If you’re wondering how I like the new Apple 11 Pro Max, the big improvement is the battery life. It NEVER runs out. Beyond that, it’s fine but I can’t say, I am over the moon about it. Things seem to take forever to download and open.

Winter wardrobe: One thing I am increasingly looking for when I buy new clothes is that they be washable and not need ironing. I’m trying to avoid anything that needs dry cleaning. I am also in desperate need of a new wallet – it too is falling apart! And, btw, I do not do designer wallets. My favorites over the years have always been men’s or skater wallets so don’t get all fancy on me.

Bottom Line.

My most urgent upgrades are in the bedding department. Those of you who are experts on thread count, cotton types and quality pillows please shoot me an email.

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