INSTACART: So Cool but Why So Many Service Charges?

Had my first Instacart experience last week and although very impressed with the logistics and ease of ordering and delivery, I was disappointed in the payment and tipping policy.

I ordered three 6-packs of sparkling water from Whole Foods as well as some parsley and garlic. The whole order was around $20. When you place the order you have the option of picking a service charge which I assumed was the tip. WRONG.

My order was delivered by a very nice young women who lingered after she dropped off the order and so I asked if she was receiving the 15% service charge I paid on the order, she claimed no, so I paid her $5.

Here’s my problem: On a $20 order, I ended up paying an additional $8 in tips/service charges. Will not be using this service too often – should be more like seamless in terms of tipping.

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